foto di dominatrix domina sreni di Milano       Beautiful presence, fascinating, fetish lover of leather garments (gloves-boots-dresses of which he has a large personal collection). More importantly, a Woman of an intransigent dominant nature inclined above all to subdue and punish with strong vigor and control male slaves.

The experience and the preparation make Her distinction and prior in the conduct of BDSM practices  – Fetish Leather Bondage and S&M in her Dungeon fully equipped in Milan suitable for fantasies and themes of interest to this genre.

In Femdom, the role-playing game Domme-sub affects in  two distinct roles and justifies
nothing more than two distinct roles: Mistress and slave. I love discipline, keeping an eye
on it, making you notice it! Through this technique and corrective logic in manifesting
punishments, I intervene to reform your behavior with the criterion of punishment, to
obtain obedience by placing it at the center of your disadvantage. And in this I would not
find economy in the type of punishment according to my inventiveness and preferences.
So on me,expressed with rapid clarity forget the banality or the frame of a tolerant
friendly tolerant training Mistress of friendly … “maternal psuedo” … flexible showing
useless confused and allusive marginal concepts of: cerebral passion, imaginative
alchemy, broad sensual mentality. This is to make it clear with those who establish
contact in character details and led and set to a Femdom relationship .  
Dominatrix Domina Sreni

In my Dungeon will be welcome also to those of first experience eager to begin be driven in a path of submission at the feet of a true Female Dominant and to take shape in the S&M fantasies.
It must be said that in the need for this role-playing game in an initiation (at least for the essential) the watchword for a slave is to immediately demonstrate obedience to the will and readiness to give maximum attention to the rules of the Mistress, who in its specific quality and in conjunction with the practices Dom / sub she will assume the ability to guide him with his knowledge and severity in desires and torments. Likewise, she will not be extraneous to evaluate and intervene within the limitations established and supported during the session by applying the principle of SSC. “



Height – 180cm
Dress size – 44 eu
Bra size – D

Eyes – hazel
Hair – blonde
Glove size 7,5
Shoe size – 40,5